I have a complaint about the recycling company I used - what can I do?

As we're a comparison website, the best solution would be to get in touch with the recycling company that you used. They are much better placed to advice on postage and payments than we are. Note that all recyclers that appear on site have a Trustpilot page too, so this may be another place where you can make your voice heard.

It's worth noting that all recyclers that appear on our site have to go through an application process before appearing in results. We then frequently review all the companies that do get through the process, to make sure everyone is continuing to operate in the best possible way.

We understand that sometimes things don't go as planned, so we'd be more than happy to hear about any individual customer experiences, whether that be particularly good or bad. Having specific examples of good and bad customer experiences is really helpful when it comes to our recycler reviews, so if you'd like to share something specific please feel free to get in touch.



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