Will I have to pay for postage?

You generally will not have to pay for postage of your device – most of the buyers we list on our site offer a free postage service to make the process much easier for you. Many buyers will also provide you with a free postage bag that is designed to fit your device and keep it protected in transit.

Please do note that due to changes in Royal Mail’s policy, freepost services are no longer covered by Royal Mail Lost and Damage Compensation. To claim for lost packages or damage up to £46, customers must keep a Proof of Postage receipt and then raise a claim with Royal Mail.

If you are sending a device that is worth more than £46, we strongly recommend that you send the package by Registered Post or Special Delivery. This will insure your parcel for up to £500. The cost of this service is usually between £2 and £6.50.

If you are packaging the device yourself, we suggest you wrap your device in bubble wrap and tape two pieces of cardboard on the back and front of the device. We would also suggest making your name and return address are clearly visible on the package.


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