What's the definition of a broken or non-working phone?

Almost all of the phone buyers featured on our site will still be able to pay you in exchange for a broken or non-working handset. Simply toggle between the ‘Working’ and ‘Broken’ tabs on the results page for your specific handset to see the price differences.

Please see the information below which explains how we generally classify the difference between a Working and a Broken phone.

To be considered as a working phone, it should:
* Be able to turn on and off
* Be working normally during day-to-day use
* Have a working screen
* Have a working battery
* Be in a good condition – small scratches and bumps from normal use are fine, but cracks or water damage would be classified as Broken.

Phones are classified as broken or non-working if they:
* Have a cracked or bleeding screen
* Are unable to start up
* Have a broken or damaged speaker, microphone, or aerial.

Please note that the classification of Working and Broken will vary slightly between the different phone buyers, so be sure to check the specific company’s classification in the terms and conditions on their website.


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